Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wellness Shower Filters

According to the ads, Wellness shower filters create an atmosphere where you slowly get well. Wellness is a brand of chemical and chlorine removing shower filters. They do a good job, but the price is a little high, to say the least.

Like other chlorine removing shower filters, Wellness shower filters let you use hot water with no ill effects. If you used the same amount of hot water without a shower filter, it would open up your pores and allow you to absorb 600% more chlorine than if you drank the same amount.

Chlorine causes a number of diseases, most of which can be serious. The wellness shower filters gets rid of the chlorine and reduces the risks to your health. Chlorine removing shower filters, built by wellness, block about 99% of the chlorine present in shower water. After only a few days, you will notice that your skin and hair are softer.

Cosmetic benefits to the skin and hair were the first reasons for chlorine removing shower filters. But, the bigger problem is that your skin absorbs everything it is exposed to. So, bathing in water contaminated with chemicals and chlorine is bad for your overall health, both for now and in the future.

The diseases linked to chlorine are many and they include one of the big killers; cancer. According to researchers at the medical college of Wisconsin, showering, drinking and living with chlorinated water has increased our risk of cancer by 93%. Wellness shower filters and other chlorine removing shower filters can help improve our odds.

The wellness shower filters remove more than chlorine from the water in the shower. Things like pesticides, VOCs, THMs, lead and copper are also blocked. The only problem is that chlorine removing shower filters by Wellness cost a whole lot more than other brands that do the same job. There is no doubt that you need chlorine removing shower filters, you just might want to do some comparative shopping before you buy the Wellness brand.

Why do you need chlorine removing shower filters? The EPA says that when it comes to chlorine, 4 parts per million is an acceptable level, but when pool water is tested, anything over 3 parts per million is considered unsafe for swimming. If it's not safe to swim in, how could it be safe to shower in? Wellness shower filters and other chlorine removing shower filters can make your water safe again.

Now, not all chlorine removing shower filters are the same. Only two other companies can do the same job as Wellness shower filters and both cost less. The initial prices for the systems are lower and the cost of use is lower. Here's what we mean.

Wellness shower filters cost $249 retail and the cost of use is $16 per month. As mentioned above, two other companies do the same job as Wellness shower filters. For the first, the retail price is $95 and the cost of use is $9.25 per month.

The other is our personal favorite. It is one of the best chemical and chlorine removing shower filters on the market and at a price of $67.99 and only $7 per month, anyone can afford it.

Some chlorine removing shower filters cost a lot more and are much less effective. Two popular brands only block 50% of the chlorine and nothing else. When you are shopping, remember that price is no indication of quality. You have to look at product performance data. If you do, you will see that Wellness shower filters do a good job, but they are not the best buy.

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