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Compare Shower Head Water Filters to Save Money

When it comes to shower head water filters, there are good choices and excellent choices. We compared the effectiveness of the most popular and the best shower filters on the market. Here's what we found.

When you compare shower head water filters there are several different factors to look at. The retail price is of course the first thing that most people look at, but it is not the only consideration. It's probably not even the most important consideration.

You might think that the most expensive products are the best shower filters, but we learned that this is not the case. Wellness shower head water filters are the most expensive brand that we found. At a cost of $249.00 retail and $189 per year for replacement cartridges, the price alone would scare many people away. You might even wonder if you really "need" to shower in filtered water.

You probably already know that there are thousands of different chemicals in tap water. This is water that comes from a public drinking facility. It's been filtered and disinfected, but it's still not really safe for drinking or bathing.

Most experts recommend filtering tap water before you drink it. Chlorine, a chemical added at the treatment facility to kill bacteria and other living organisms, is supposed to be safe, at certain levels, but the ill effects on your future health are only now being fully evaluated.

Long-term studies support the use of shower head water filters, because an increased risk of developing several different types of cancer has been noted in people showering in chlorinated water. They are not sure if it is caused by inhaling chlorine vapors or absorbing the chemical through the skin. It could even be related to the chloroform gas that is created when chlorine interacts with "biological" matter. That's basically anything that is or was alive and anything that was excreted by a living creature.

The best shower filters remove chlorine by running the water through an activated carbon filter. The latest technology and most environmentally friendly are carbon granules derived from coconut shell. Only the best shower filters supply this type of carbon filter, but guess what, they are not the most expensive shower head water filters on the market. In fact, they are the least expensive.

At $67.99 retail and a cost of $84.00 per year, you can shower in the cleanest water you've ever experienced. Chemical free and pH balanced with a trace of natural minerals, so that the water is reminiscent of natural spring water. It can only be described as luxurious. But, at a cost of less than a quarter per day, it's an inexpensive luxury.

Some shower head water filters reduce head room or flow rate. Some have bulky attachments and are difficult to install. Some include expensive reverse osmosis steps that are totally unnecessary when your water comes from a public source.

The best shower filters do not reduce height or flow rate. They are easy to install, do not noticeable reduce the flow rate or the head room in the shower. They have received good ratings by consumer's digest and their performance has been certified by underwriter's laboratory.

Shower head water filters are relatively new, only becoming popular within the last ten years. The right product is an inexpensive investment in your family's health and beauty.

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