Monday, 9 June 2008

Bathroom Vanities - The Antique Look Without the Hassle

Though many people enjoy the look of modern bathroom fixtures and all of the luxuries they contain, others prefer the older look of long ago, a gentler, romantic time.

With the demand of antique d├ęcor for the home and especially the bathroom, a number of companies are starting to make more furniture and fixtures that have an antique look, but don't have the problems that occur with the real thing. If you are planning an antique look for your bathroom, consider taking a look at the new vanities that look old before heading out to second hand stores.

The old look for a bathroom vanity is awesome, true; however, have you even pondered the plumbing that goes with the fixture you are thinking of? The plumbing and the sturdiness of the antique vanity can create problems for you. After you have rethought this, you will probably see why the new vanity is the better choice.

New furnishings give you the look you want, the antique feeling, but not the worries of trying to integrate old furnishings into a newer home.

There have been huge advancements made since those old bathroom vanities were designed. Vanities made today function better and high quality choices are more durable than ever before. You will still have the look you are going for, but without all the problems that a real antique vanity will bring to you.

There are many drawbacks of buying an actual antique bathroom vanity. First, you will be paying a high price to purchase one that is still in good condition. Next, you will have to restore it. This takes time and money, and in the end, it would have been cheaper and less time consuming to buy the one that looks like an antique, but is without the worries of a used, old vanity.

When you think about the work and money involved, it could be more reasonable to go with the new version that has the older look you want. Although the older vanities are pretty and will look great, you don't want the problems that could go with them.

Before you spend too much money and time on an antique vanity, consider the options. You are the boss here, if you want to spend the money, go with the one you want, it is your bathroom. But, if you want a functional one that looks great, for half the worry and cost, take a look at purchasing a new vanity in the look and style that you want.

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