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How to Install a Vessel Sink

So you have decided you want to install a vessel sink in your bathroom...great choice you will love it! In this article I will discuss the choices you will make to install a vessel sink and faucet.

Vessel sinks:
In general there are two types of configurations to consider when you install a vessel sink. One is a square or rectangular ceramic, porcelain material and the other is a circular bowl style that can be anything from glass to stone. The basic difference is the mounting method, faucet placement and overflow drain. There is an exception; there are circular porcelain vessel sinks that are sit like and are mounted like the square or rectangular vessel.

Rectangular or square vessel sink:
The rectangular or square style will sit on the counter top and is attached with a thin bead of silicone. A drain hole is cut into the counter top that will allow the drain pipe to pass through...without coming in contact with neither the counter top nor being attached to it. The drain hole in the counter top is cut a bit larger than the drain pipe thus giving a little room to fine tune the placement of the sink when you are attaching the rest of the drain pipes.

This type of sink make have an integral faucet mount or it may not. Depending on which it is will dictate how tall the vessel specific faucet will be. I will discuss this in another article.

Circular bowl vessel sink:
This type of vessel is what you normal will see in glass and has a curved dish shape that if sat on a level surface would rock back and forth... There are many variations in material however they share a similar mounting technique. The bowl typically mounted on top of the counter with a special mounting washer. The washer is a metal collar with silicone washers and the bowl is mechanically attached to the counter top with the drain pipe. The threaded part of the drain passes through the counter top and then secured with a large nut. In essence the bowl is bolted to the counter top. The bowl will also be by default perfectly level due to this method of mounting.

Of course when you install a vessel sink there always seems to be an can mount a circular bowl shaped vessel set into the counter top. You would cut a circular hole in the counter top to allow the bowl to drop in whatever depth you wish. This mounting method gives a very different look + allows you to fine tune the overall height of the sink too, when compared to the typical way which is to sit the bowl on top of the counter. It is a little trickier to do because you will need to secure the bowl to the counter top with a thin bead of silicone and get the top of the bowl perfectly level.

Do your homework and ask lots of questions!

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