Monday, 16 June 2008

Sliding Door Showers Versus Enclosures

Choosing a shower is easy right? Wrong! There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing your new shower. You have to pick out the shower head, faucets, and maybe you want a shower massage column, in which case you would also need an enclosed shower. If you prefer sliding doors, then you can nix the massage column, unless of course you love a soaked bathroom floor. If you prefer to keep your water in your shower, you can find bathroom enclosures online at great discounts. Sliding door showers are more conventional and are much cheaper. The benefit of the enclosure is that it will last longer and will not need replacing, whereas sliding doors can come off their hinges or the wheels can break.

Now that said, sliding shower doors are much cheaper and are super easy to use. The easiest way to look at it is to figure out what kind of shower you want. If you are fine with the straightforward traditional shower, then the sliding doors are just fine. If you are looking to upgrade and want the ultimate shower experience, then you would be better off with the massage column and the bathroom enclosure. The reason behind this is that sliding doors are not air tight, and if the massage columns jets are pounding away at the door water will seep through. With the enclosure, you can relax knowing that the water is only going to go down the drain!

Sliding door showers are a great way to quickly repair a bathroom or restore it to its former glory. If you are buying a new home and/or remodeling your bathroom, then you will want a shower with a shower massage column. These columns are the ultimate in shower technology and are designed to help relief stress in your muscles. They can also be set to only allow your preferred water temperature by giving you a shower through and through with no temperature change. Finding bathroom enclosures online will help eliminate the hassle and will have your shower at your front door in no time, but be sure you have the right measurements and order the correct size.

Now that the differences of sliding door showers and shower enclosures are clear, it is time to figure out what will work out best for you. A shower massage column is a great luxury to have, but they are not for everyone and finding enclosures online is bound to save you money and help to relieve some stress. Happy hunting and have fun in your new shower.

If you would like more information about your choices for sliding door showers or bathroom enclosures online, or the types of shower massage column models available, please visit the Unlimited Showers website.

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