Sunday, 29 June 2008

Hi Tech Whirlpool Luxury Baths

In earlier years whirlpool baths were the most expensive baths ever and were only available in 5 star or seven star hotels, but as the technology is also on a rise in home decor industry, there are new inventions and innovations from the bath manufacturer company and they have managed to make whirlpool baths the advanced technology and much cheaper and within the reach of all home owners. Whirlpool bath earlier was known as hot tub and were usually installed outdoor and were made up of wood, but in nowadays Whirlpool baths are manufactured with thick and strong acrylic which are strong, durable and long lasting.

Whirlpool baths now comes with fitted pumps from factory and pump protection which even switches pumps off after 45 minutes so there is less use of energy. With the new and latest technology used in whirlpool bath, home owners can also add LED lights in baths which makes the atmosphere more pleasant. There are different types of LED Lights available with blue or green shade, home owners can select the LED lights that will blend with their bathroom. And one of the most exciting features, which I like, is the stereo systems, with the integrated sound systems. This system is made up of marine grade component that can endure the humid environment associated with spas. And as we all know whirlpool baths are made for relaxation, and with the sound system it becomes more pleasurable experience for bathing.

And with the variety of sizes and options home owners can even select an ideal bath according to their size of bathroom. With an option of different shape of whirlpool bath available such as corner, double ended and bow shaped whirlpool bath home owners can select a just right shape whirlpool bath that will blend with their bathroom.

Once you are confident the whirlpool bath fits you, your house, and your budget, go online and buy at Whirlpool Baths

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