Tuesday, 10 June 2008

How to Dress Up a Boring Bathroom Mirror

Creating the right type of atmosphere with your bathroom mirror doesn't have to be an expensive affair. There are lots of ways to take a plain old mirror and transform it into a new look that fits in with the rest of the bathroom. Generally that which distinguishes an expensive designer mirror from a plain one is the frame which surrounds it. It is by far cheaper to go to a local arts store and buy a frame for your mirror then buy one already pre-framed. A thicker, darker wooden frame is a style often used to invoke a classic approach. For a brighter look consider using a gold frame, perhaps with ornate features.

For a more ambitious project find ceramic tiles which will allow for enough room to have pictures transposed on top of them. This can create a more personal appeal and you can bring any sort of theme to your bathroom you wish. Simply fix the tiles to the wall around the mirror creating a border affect. You can be sure to have a unique look to your bathroom mirror using this approach. This same effect can be created with stain glass pieces.

If you're not interested in any sort of time consuming project, consider using simple elements to dress up your mirror. You could use vines to twist and wrap around the mirror. You can also glue various objects around the mirror to decorate it, even some simple L-stencils on the corners will add a lot.

These are ideas ranging from simple to extravagant but all are sure to take a bathroom mirror which is lackluster and give it that extra style you want.

Article contributed by Steve Benjamins from Bathroom Mirror