Saturday, 14 June 2008

How to Turn Your Bathroom From Drab to Fab With a Simple Shower Curtain

Let's face it; the bathroom is the last place we think to decorate, however it is the one room our guests will likely visit. You can transform a bathroom into a themed conversational piece is minutes. Simply replacing a drab shower curtain and a few bathroom accessories can really spice up that bathroom space. Not only is it a fast and easy transformation, it is a relatively inexpensive one as well.

Most people, myself included, are not often sure how or what they can do to decorate their bathroom. However, it can be simpler than one might imagine. The focal point of any bathroom is often the largest mural in the space...the shower curtain! Shower curtains get old, dirty, moldy, and out of style at the same rate or faster than our clothes do. That's why a fast and easy way to liven up your bathroom is to simply add a new shower curtain.

Now that we have decided that a shower curtain can help modernize your bathroom, below are a few tips to follow to help in selecting the perfect shower curtain.

How often is the shower actually used? High resist mildew liners are often a must if the shower is used often. Remember a 10 or 12 dollar liner can help stretch the life of your curtain.

Pick a shower curtain that fits your will not be happy with something that simply everyone else is doing.

Pick a shower curtain that fits your overall home d├ęcor. Many times the wrong curtain can be a bad choice.

Keep size in mind. Measure your tub. Most curtains are 70"X70" . If you need a stall shower curtain, those are available too, usually close to 38"X70" in size.

Choose a shower curtain that is fun or different. Sometimes a totally different or fun shower curtain can replace your "normal" shower curtain at times. It is fun to change it up!

Decorate for the Holiday! Many people don't realize that Christmas shower curtains are out there.

Imagine escaping to an under-water coral reef, or the African safari, a tropical resort, or perhaps you enjoy the Wild West or the calming effects of a floral shower curtain. All of these shower curtains exist! Don't forget the modern shower curtain designs and bath accessories that most of us are after.

I recently enjoyed putting up an NFL shower curtain and noticed there are even college shower curtains as well. Not to mention, I also noticed hand-painted shower curtains and New York city photography and subway map shower curtains, are an option. There are literally tons of shower curtains out there. The creativity is endless. More than likely, if you have imagined it, it exists on a shower curtain or bathroom theme. By switching out your bathroom accessories or re-decorating with a new shower curtain, you are keeping your bathroom clean and are sure to enjoy the bathroom a bit more... and why not create that amazing conversational piece?

It's fast, it's fun, and it's inexpensive. Give it a whirl, you will be glad you did...and so will your guests.

The shower curtain right for you can be purchased almost anywhere these days, but often selection is limited. Make your move now to visit an online Shower Curtains specialty store, and you will be glad you took the time to go from drab to fab with your bathroom.