Friday, 13 June 2008

Shower Filters For Copper and Chlorine

When buying water filters for shower heads, considerable effort should be put into comparing one unit against another. When it comes to shower filters for copper and chlorine, one thing that should remain first and foremost in you mind should always be that cost does not always indicate quality. In some cases, lower priced water filters for shower heads have been rated more effective than their high priced ($200 and up) counterparts.

There are many products on the market. There are shower filters for copper and chlorine, copper, chlorine and lead and filters for chlorine alone. There are products that will block VOCs and THMs, which are chemicals that can affect the odor of the water and be absorbed through the skin. Generally, water filters for shower heads that block lead, also block copper, and vice versa, since the components used to block the two are the same.

Copper is a metal that is found in low levels in most groundwater and is safe to consume at those levels. People want shower filters for copper and chlorine because they protect their bathroom fixtures and improve the smell of the water. At certain levels copper will actually stain porcelain.

While copper is generally safe, it's compatriot lead is a toxic metal that is not safe at any level. It can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled as steam vapor, in the shower. Thus, the importance of shower filters for copper and chlorine increases, because of their ability to block lead. Inhaling is the quickest way for a toxin to get into the bloodstream.

There are multiple health related reasons for using water filters for shower heads. Blocking chlorine is a big one.

Chlorine vapor produced in steam can become quite concentrated in a small room with the door closed. Research has shown that the vapors cause bronchial irritation. Chlorine gas was one of the first chemical weapons.

It is a very well known fact that chlorine vapors can trigger asthma attacks. Doctors of patients with asthma, as well as other respiratory ailments, advise them to install shower filters for copper and chlorine to avoid these situations.

Another potentially dangerous effect of chlorine is that it reacts chemically with other components of the steam and becomes chloroform gas. The FDA has reported findings that link hot showers without water filters for shower heads to measurable amounts of chloroform gas in the air. It can be a problem in any home in America. The FDA says "most".

You must know how dangerous chloroform exposure can be. Doctors can use it to put patients to sleep before performing surgery. The way it works is not well understood, but it causes drowsiness and then unconsciousness.

While you will not find the gas at such concentrated levels inside of your home, smaller amounts can have harmful effects. Symptoms of chloroform gas exposure range from irritation of the sinus passages, aggravated sinus problems, unexplained headaches and dizziness. Installation of shower filters for copper and chlorine will immediately alleviate these health issues and will prevent them from coming back.

By now, we hope that you realize how important water filters for shower heads are to maintaining good health and we haven't even mentioned the cosmetic benefits. Just remember to compare their performance data carefully and make the right choice.

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