Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Bathtub Revolution

Bathtubs are not the simple tubs that hold water they once were. Well, they are still tubs, and yes they do still hold water, but their affordability and convenience has changed drastically. They have also come a long way in their design from throw back tubs, to ultra modern tubs, to walk in bathtubs that are designed to help the elderly and handicapped. There are tubs that can literally stand on their own, and tubs that know more about you than you do. With the invent of the internet, finding discount bathtubs has never been so easy. The bathtub revolution has exploded onto the scene with tubs that you could only dream of. There is not much your bathtub cannot do for you these days. If the thought of one more computer or complex item drives you crazy, then there is the vintage modern claw foot tub. With all the looks and grandeur of the tubs used in during Victorian times, they truly are tubs fit for kings. These days, no matter what your tub needs may be there is a tub designed just for you.

Walk in bathtubs can be as deep as three feet, which is good for deep submersion and can provide therapeutic results for the elderly or handicapped. These tubs are great for people with joint problems and if you opt for a tub with whirlpool capabilities, you increase the therapeutic powers of the tub. Walk in tubs are easy to get in and out, of eliminating the chance of slipping or falling. The way they work is that they have a water tight door that opens allowing the individual to walk in and close the door abolishing the need to climb in and out. Walk in tubs can be costly but finding discount bathtubs is not as hard as it seems. Walk in tubs are also standard size, so there should not be any difficulty installing them in a traditional bathroom space. If you happen to love climbing in and out of tubs, then the claw foot tub is perfect for you. Claw footed tubs are deep and high and are a tub to marvel at. The workmanship that goes into these tubs is amazing, with exquisite detailing that can turn any bathroom into a gallery of beauty.

It does not matter what kind of tub you are after, the fact is that every bathroom can benefit from a new bath tub. Walk in bathtubs are great for those in need and a claw foot bathtub is perfect for art lovers. Whatever your perfect tub may be, the important thing is to get the best product for the least amount of money. You never want to settle for list price, you always want to look for those discount bathtubs. This way you not only feel good about saving money, but you also feel good about the way your bathroom looks.

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