Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Pleasant Side of Jetted Showers

Showering has always been a pleasant pastime, and I say pastime because with new jetted showers you will never want water plainly dripping down on you again. Jetted showers have walk in shower enclosures, or "shower stalls" and these showers perform tasks no ordinary shower could. With jets mounted all over the shower, you will squeal with pleasure as the water massages your body from top to bottom. Many of these showers even come with foot massaging jets, ensuring your body reaches absolute bliss. These showers are designed with the human body in mind and their sole function is to please whomever is inside the enclosure. They are temperature controlled, meaning you can set your preferred temperature and you will receive nothing but water that is absolutely to your liking. They are also great for therapeutic reasons, helping your body to relax, and they are also great at using pressure to get rid of any knots you might have, similar to those water massagers you see at your local mall.

Jetted showers are not just a one trick pony. They also come with amazing features like the rain simulator that makes you feel like you are standing in a rain forest, as water pours down from up above. The walk in shower enclosure is waterproof, assuring you that the water jets are not going to flood your bathroom or your house. The other benefit to these shower stalls is that they trap in any moisture, protecting your home from steam and water logging. Speaking of steam, these showers also come equipped with their very own steam room. Just flip the switch and watch as your shower fills with steam, creating your very own personal sauna right in your very own home. Steam is not only relaxing: it is also helpful at unclogging your pores helping to rejuvenate your skin, make you look younger, and give you that healthy glow.

With jetted showers your showering experience will never be the same. Your body will thank you for the joy you have brought it, and your home will thank you for buying a shower with a walk in shower enclosure that protects it from things like mildew. It is important to remember when buying your shower that not only is the function of the shower important, but also that proper shower stalls are important as well to keep your home safe and dry.

If you would like more information about your choices for jetted showers, shower stalls, or how to find a great walk in shower enclosure, please visit the Unlimited Showers website.

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