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Free Standing Baths and Roll Top Baths - What's the Difference?

Luxury free standing roll top baths have adorned the finest properties in the world since the 18th Century. The Paris Collection by Abstract Bathrooms combines authentic period styling with the latest production techniques, to satisfy the modern lifestyle.

The inspirational Ultimate Collection from Abstract Bathrooms has become the benchmark for the bathroom industry. These superb ultra minimalist, design lead, contemporary free standing baths are made from 8mm reinforced acrylic and are finished to exacting standards.

When choosing a reproduction roll top bath there are some general rules that apply to each individual bath. The majority of people that buy a reproduction traditional free standing roll top bath are trying to restore their period properties back to there former glory. The baths usually fall in to one of two categories, either British or French. The styling of the reproduction baths are derived from the original baths, a typical British bath would be single ended ( taps at one end ), the roll of the bath on the more grandiose baths would be anywhere between 4" and 7" and would be a major factor when purchasing one of the original baths. The feet of the baths were not as ornate as the French baths, although a nice ball and claw foot or lions paw foot was commonplace. There are some fantastic examples of these original roll top baths at companies like the Water Monopoly of London and Drummonds of London.

The original baths were made from cast iron, and vitreous enameled at more than 800 degrees centigrade. This service is still available through unique enameling services of Ribchester in Lancashire. The French baths were and still are the Crème de la crème of free standing baths. The original French roll top baths are smaller than the British baths as the French were a smaller race than the British. The bath legs on the French baths are design classics, with wonderfully ornate detail. The best examples of these rare baths are usually found in the French Châteaus or in our own British stately homes. Wentworth Woodhouse a privately owned stately home in South Yorkshire, England , houses a fabulous collection of original baths that have been sympathetically restored by Traditional Bathrooms Limited.

The same principles apply when choosing your reproduction free standing bath. Is the bath right for the property? The proportions of the bath, how it stands, the symmetry of the bath, the ornateness of the legs. The roll widths on the reproduction baths aren't as wide as the originals as the acrylic tries to go back into it's original form and can cause delamination.

Traditional Roll Top Free Standing Baths - Types And Styles

Single Ended Roll Top Baths
British baths with tap holes at one end of the bath. The original baths were between 5 foot and 8 foot in length either parallel or tapered ( like a coffin in shape) the larger single ended roll top baths were used as shower baths also known as Canopy Baths and Plunger Baths . These baths are probably the most comfortable of all roll top baths.

A good example of the reproduction bath would be the Oxford Single Ended Bath made by Qulaceram this example is made from twin skinned acrylic and is sandwich filled with resin throughout the cavity.

Roll Top Slipper Baths
French style baths originally this type of bath didn't have legs and sat straight on the floor. The bathing position of this bath is more upright than that of a single ended bath. Good examples of this bath are the Tiffany Slipper Bath from Qualceram a superb bath made from stone cast resin with an inner skin of 5mm acrylic. A less expensive option would be the Balmoral Slipper Bath from the Paris Collection by Abstract Bathrooms. This bath is made from twin skinned 5mm acrylic and is reinforced at the base. Don't confuse this bath with similar looking baths as this bath has a superior specification.

Roll Top Double Ended Baths
French in it's origin although there are British an American versions. The original French Baths are easily distinguishable as they didn't have any tap holes. The Paris Bath from Traditional Bathrooms Limited is a superb bath made from stone cast resin with an inner skin of 5mm acrylic and the most fantastic bath legs you are ever likely to see. The less expensive option would be the Balmoral Double Ended Bath from the Paris Collection byAbstract Bathrooms. This bath is made from twin skinned 5mm acrylic and is reinforced at the base. Don't confuse this bath with similar looking baths as this bath has a superior specification. Unusually this bath is available in a 1500mm size.

Roll Top Bateau Baths And Boat Baths
The epitome of French design flair and possibly the most stylish baths ever made. The first examples of these stunning baths were developed by Jacob Delafon of Paris the original baths sell for thousands of pounds and are as popular now as they were when they were first developed circa 1850 to 1900. The reproduction baths are available with or without legs, the best examples of the bateau baths on legs are the Paris Bateau bath from Abstract Bathrooms be sure to choose a bath without tap holes for that authentic look. The Boat baths sit on an integral plinth and go right to the floor. Although a little expensive the boat bath from the Clearwater-Collection is a faithful reproduction of the original boat bath with the Abstract Bathrooms boat bath been a better value bath. These baths are at home in both contemporary and traditional settings as there style transcends decades of interior design genres.

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I am sure that when you have read this article, you will be in a position to make an informed decision as to which freestanding roll top bath you would like to buy.

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