Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Ideas To Help You With Your Small Bathroom Makeovers

When you have a small bathroom in your house and you want to do renovations, the size of the bathroom may make you feel as if there is little that you can do. However there are ideas you can use to make the most of your small bathroom makeovers to give you the bathroom of your dreams without have too much of a tear up in your home.

Focus on the bathtub first. You don't have to compromise on luxury because of a small space with the many different models of tubs available. One of these is the Japanese soaking tub. Because of the greater depth and shorter length, these tubs have more room in them than you think. It doesn't take up as much floor space as a regular bathtub and provides you with a luxurious soak.

Space saver bathtubs also take up less floor space. There are corner models available, which means you won't lose a full wall of your bathroom. You can have various types of designs as well, such as jetted tubs or a massaging whirlpool design. Although it is a more expensive option, you can have a custom tub designed to fit in the bathroom in order to maximize your space.

The newer toilets on the market are smaller than the older models and use less water in flushing. Thus they won't take up as much space. If you currently have a vanity that seems to over power the bathroom, you can change to a pedestal style sink and have a space saving set of shelves installed over the toilet where you can keep your toiletry items. These shelves usually have an open lower shelf and an upper shelf with doors tat doubles as a medicine cabinet. There are also medicine cabinets with a mirror on the front that you can install above the sink

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