Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

We all know that bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes ranging from extra large to extra small. Small bathrooms have the annoying tendency to become cramped especially when you have not quite mastered the art of storing things yet. There are ways that you can make your tiny overstuffed bathroom look a little bit bigger. It's all about using the right bathroom design ideas. If you want to enlarge the coast of your bathroom so to speak, try out these great bathroom design tips --

- Use Colors: Painting the bathroom a different color can make it appear bigger instantly. Some colors will make it appear smaller though so be careful in your choice. Bold bright colors are the way to go if you want the bathroom to have the illusion of being a larger space. Repainting not
only provides instant results but it is less expensive than remodeling the entire room.

- Tiles: It matters greatly what size tiles are used for the floor and walls of your bathroom. Normally larger cut tiles give the room the effect of looking larger and smaller tiles make it appear smaller. Extending the bathroom tiles from the floor to the wall will give the bathroom the illusion of space.

- Bathroom cabinets: The size of the bathroom looks bigger if the appropriate cabinets are put up carefully. Along with giving you extra storing space, cabinets also give your bathroom a much neater and cleaner look. Rather than hanging cabinets that 'eat' up space, opt for small floor cabinets.

- Doors: Putting in slide doors instead of the normal doors can make your bathroom feel bigger. Slide doors essentially make your bathroom look less cramped.

In implementing these tips, remember- blend them in with the theme of your bathroom...

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