Tuesday, 17 June 2008

How Shower Filters Are Useful For Your Family Health

More and more people are installing Shower Filters and water filtration systems for their homes. Some consider them as elements they do not need, while others that have already used water filters for several years, admit they cannot live without them. So where does the truth reside?

Specialists too recommend us to use shower filters and water filters in our homes for many years now, but do we really need them?

The truth is that a water filter installed in your home can protect you from many medical issues. The waters are more affected by pollution today as they ever were. But not only pollution affects our drinking waters (and when it comes to pollution, there are several types of activities that affect the waters: industry, agriculture, human errors and accidents), but also bacteria and old water treatment plants, that cannot cope with the rising demand for clean water.

All the debris and residues from industrial activities infiltrate the soil and reach the underground water layer, layers from which the drinking water comes from. The demand for water is on the rise and the pumping and filtration stations are barely keeping pace with this demand. This all means that more and more impurities reach the water in your homes.

Chlorine, bacteria, sulfur, metal particles and other dangerous particles have all been found in lab tests of our running water. Imagine what these substances can do to your skin and health if you would continue to use unfiltered water for your showers. Your skin breathes through the pores and all these substances can enter your body if you take many showers with impure water.

The best way to avoid all these is to install shower filters in your home. The shower water filters are especially effective at removing the chemicals and bacteria from the water and independent studies have shown that the level of dangerous chemicals (such as chlorine and sulfur) is reduced by up to 90% by using water filtered by shower filters.

Shower filters are quite affordable and have the advantage of being easy to install and set up. While you will have to replace the filter from time to time (at periods that can range from several months to a few years depending on the type of filter you are using), shower filters are the best protection for your family from the dangerous effects of untreated water.

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