Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Steam Shower Spas - A Bathroom Spa in Every Home


Building a new home?

If you can answer any of these questions I'm sure your first thoughts are like most peoples when they first view a well designed and thought out shower system. Sold online mostly, a steam shower is your spa-in-a-box - delivered to your door with a whirlpool spa, steam shower, foot massage, TV, handsfree telephone, wood accents, and more all in a shower enclosed system. These shower systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Corner Showers make up the majority. With the standard features becoming quite common the outlook for the future is very promising!

~A new innovation for the whirlpool spa is the advancement known as micro bubble skin care. A system installed on a whirlpool spa produces microscopic bubbles the can clear skin pores and radiant the skins appearance- chemical free!

~A new innovation for the steam shower is the advancement known as Negative Oxygen Ion, This too is a separate and isolated system within the shower which is used to change your aura of all things!

New models selected by our associates offer Real Wood Accents, Built-in Design with Service access from inside the spa. This well thought out design elements allow the shower to be built-in the house.

The most important thing in closing that I would like to share in this article is: Be sure you choose a good company to work with, a steam shower should not be a disposable item but it can easily amount to that if you purchase from an UNKNOWN.