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How Shower Systems Work

1. Do you understand how your shower system works? It is very common for many to perceive that all showers can be used at all homes. However, don't be surprised to find out not all the shower systems operate the same way. Just bear in mind rule #1: some showers cannot go with some heating system. As you scroll down, you will find more useful tips to help you to choose the perfect shower to complete your bathroom.


Goes perfectly within almost all domestic water systems. Cold water is heated up as it passes through a specialised element inside the unit. Thinking of fitting an electric shower to the underside of your cold water tank? Simply arrange an open space at least 10 metres from your shower spray and there you go. In this case, a self-supporting cold supply tank is necessary.

Other requirements include: min 1 bar of water running pressure at mains entry
8 liters per minute of flowing rate
10 bar of maximum static pressure

On top of that, make sure a connection is established between the shower and the mains with 15mm water pipe and also installation of an isolation tap. The tap is installed to control the flow when maintenance is required as well as to prevent disruption of other waters use. As far as electrical connection is concerned, there are many regulations to be taken into consideration including electric shower. To install an electric shower, you will need to have an independent circuit for installation to avoid pressure from other connections or appliance. If you are not sure about this, check your fuse board to find out its capability in catering current of rate 60 amps and above. After that, take up the following steps:

1. install a residual current device (RCD) as either part of existing fuse board or detach, disrupting the circuit shower

2. make sure the circuit shower connection to the fuse board by means of miniature circuit breaker (MCB)

3. use 10 mm cables for installation considering the importance of fuse, switch and cable as well as upgrade in the future.

Mixer Showers are themed after its function and ability in mixing existing hot and cold water in a special tap before flowing from the shower head. You can find these units presented as surface mounted fixtures to simplify the installation of pipeline on the top of existing surface, or flush mounted. The water flows from the tap is very much depended on the rate it feeds the shower. The flow rate of mixer shower may be affected when other taps are in used because it is connected to other taps. The effect of water temperature can be overcome by using low pressure system through the installation of two different pipes for hot and cold water. A main fed mixer is needed to function as thermostatic tap.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers are specialised to sense the changes in temperature with the existence of pre-set thermostat. In some improved thermostatic mixers, the water will be cut off when water fails to flow. A temperature limiting devise can be found in most thermostatic mixers in preventing high temperature being used.

Power Showers, unlike most of the showers have to be installed in low pressure, tank fed systems. With the existence of integral pumps, their main function is to increase the water flowing rate from the shower head. To install this unit, you must make sure the water in your cold water tank should be 50 gallons or more for many supplied outlets, however, 25 gallons will be good enough for shower alone.

Shower Pumps are categorized into 2: Single impeller pump, a pump while mix water with one driving blade is easier to install in the loft and must be above mixer tap. Twin impeller pump, an advance pump helps to overcome problem faced by single impeller pump when meeting cold temperatures in the extremely freezing water and fail to insulate as free air flow is required. It is connected to hot and cold water and creates a perfect mixture in the airing board before reaching the tap. General specification such as the pump must be stored at least 30mm beneath the cold tank and 4 metre in the proximity of hot water cylinder as well as electrical connection rated at 5amps.

Written by James Chapman, a director of Bella Bathrooms Ltd who supply Electric Showers

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