Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bathroom Design - How to Select Shower Doors

The most important part of the wet area of a modern bathroom is the shower, which is enclosed with a partition, and a door to enter the partition, which is usually made of glass of various hues - tinted, reflective, clear, reeded, chipped, frosted or powder coated. Shower doors are broadly of two kinds. One is the framed type and the other is the frame less type. Framed shower doors are either of a tubular design or a flat rail design. Numerous kinds of frame finish options are available these days. Frameless units exude an open look to the shower due to the absence of metal or wooden framework around the glass. Both kinds give the same kind or service and it is the personal taste of the user which decides which one he wants.

There are several kinds of shower doors, the most common in use being the pivot door hinged door sliding door in swing door corner entry door and the bi-fold door.

The pivot door is the most commonly used shower door This type of door opens outwards into the bathroom. Hinged door is basically like a pivot door but is held to its place by using hinges. Sliding doors are usually fitted on large shower cubicles where there is no space constraint. However, swing doors open outward into the bathroom and are used in small cubicles where inner space is at a premium. Bifold doors have two panels which can open inwards or outwards of the cubicle, as decided by the availability of space. Corner entry doors are used when space inside and outside the cubicle is very less.

To get the maximum service life from a bathroom door proper care needs to be given. glass cleaning agents, metal polish, tarnish removers, non-corrosive shower door sealants, and water stain removers which leaves residual protective coating to protect against future tarnish should be applied regularly in order to extract the maximum out of a bathroom door and also to keep it hygienic and pleasant for the eyes.

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