Thursday, 28 August 2008

Seven Things to Consider When Painting Bathroom Cabinets

It does not take great powers of imagination to understand how painting bathroom cabinets can infuse dollops of sunshine into their dark, inky existence. But this fast and exceptionally easy way to adding spunk to the cabinets is sure to fire your imagination in more ways than one. Bold, vibrant colors can become the supreme inspiration behind the most artistic of all creations.

A few deft strokes are all it takes to guarantee a makeover that is sure to make every wannabe Hollywood diva extremely envious. And the fact that this process does not wreck havoc on your bank account has financially astute homeowners in raptures. Your perfectly functional but slightly worn-out bathroom cabinet can become the cynosure of all eyes in a matter of a few hours.

A Few Priceless Tips

I know my rather expansive account has your spirits soaring like a party balloon. But before you let your mind leap, jump and vault with joy, and allow the painter in you to run amok, make sure you take some time off to read these tips:

  • It is important to ascertain the material used in making the cabinets, to avoid calamitous results. While your efforts on wood, veneer and metal are sure to bear fruit, you're certain to be sorely disappointed in case of cabinets with thinner melamine plastic or plastic laminate.
  • It makes sense to remove all doors and paint them separately, rather than when they are hinged to the cabinet.
  • Use the services of an effective cleaning agent. Rinse thoroughly with water, after which sand paper must be brought into action to create a smooth, paintable surface. A damp cloth will obliterate all traces of fine dust particles.
  • The use of tape around the edges next to the walls will help in getting that impeccable professional finish.
  • You can set the ball rolling with a paint brush or a roller, depending on your style. A roller will not leave any tell-tale marks like brush strokes, and does a more competent job on large surfaces.
  • Choose from a dazzling array of cabinet paints or satin enamel paint in the hardware store near you.
  • Paint inside out; so you deal with the insides of the doors first, followed by the main body, and culminating with well-defined strokes on the outside. A second coat is advised, but only after the first dries completely.

You can let your heart swell with pride before you attach all the doors and handles. Make sure you are ready to handle the deluge of compliments, though.

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