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5 Key Shower Curtain Features You Absolutely Must Consider

When you decide to buy a shower curtain, make sure you don't buy something that will mess up the look and feel and even cause some mold and mildew to build up and basically mess it all up. Below I list some of the key things to look out for when out and about doing your shopping online.

Make sure it is water repellent

For one make sure that the one you intend to buy has a liner. But if you will often find some without one, in that case make sure that they do have a water repellent finish. You can check out a 100% cotton curtain because it does not need liners. If you find one that does not have the finish, then you can probably try and find which has a liner, sold separately.

Machine wash and dry

We all want something that is easy to manage and making a comparison based on its flexibility in terms of washing method is an important factor.

Hanging reinforcement

Make sure you are happy with the hanging reinforcement used. It is often best to find one that has metal grommets. For example, you can check out the Little Pig Vinyl Shower Curtain, which is cute and is decorated with pink pigs against a green background that a child would absolutely die for. If you prefer to use standard rings, get one with tie tops that are removable.

There are different varieties of this home improvement product especially in terms of the way they attach to the shower rod or bar. Also, they can be made of either one plastic or two layers of plastic, can come in large re-enforced holes or built in Flex-on rings.

Compare Shower curtain Fabrics

Take some time to consider the fabric. Keep in mind that while some fabric shower curtains are very tightly woven and perfect for cold weather you can use some to really accent the look of your bathroom with. You can buy a cotton rich one that is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, one made of 55% polyester, 45% nylon or a 100% polyester. Don't stress too much about these numbers just read on, you will understand in the end.

Compare Colors

When comparing, you need to try and find one or a set that works well with your ambiance or painting. For example, A black shower curtain can bring a nice contrast to an all white bathroom and a brown shower curtain provides a homey feeling, the good thing about purple is that it represents piece and tranquility so with a purple shower curtain you can bring a calm and relaxed ambiance to your room.

Use price comparison sites

These sites offer price comparison services and reviews where you can find information on the best prices, products, lists of manufactures and more. This is the most important face for most online buyers. I love review sites because the authors are experts at what they do and offer genuine stuff. You should look for a few of those sites and check out their recommendations.

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