Monday, 4 August 2008

The Health Benefits of Shower Water Filters

Shower water filters may be one of the most important health products that you have in your home, particularly if you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, allergies, sinusitis or similar problems. Shower head water filters prevent the build of chlorine vapors that irritate sensitive mucus membranes and trigger attacks. There are also cosmetic benefits associated with the use of shower filters, but first let's look at your health.

When you think of chemical contaminants in tap-water, you may only be concerned about consuming them by mouth. But, every chemical that you put on your skin will eventually end up in your bloodstream. If inhaled, they end up there even quicker. That's why shower head filters are so important.

By removing chlorine ahead of time, there will be no chemical vapors and no need to worry about what is absorbed through your skin. The experts say that without shower water filters, your exposure to chlorine is the same as drinking a whole gallon of tap water.

And, of course, chlorine is not the only chemical that we need to worry about. When it interacts with biological material (like your skin or the bacteria it kills) cancer causing trihalomethane (THM) is released. The best shower head water filters also block THM.

Bathing without shower filters is believed to be a cause in breast and rectal cancer, because of exposure to THMs. The contaminants have been found in tumor samples. The breast cancer foundation has said that the one common denominator among tumors sampled is the presence of THMs. Shower head filters should be on everyone's cancer prevention list.

How many of you really want to bathe in pesticides and herbicides? If you do not use shower water filters, that's exactly what you are doing, because those chemicals and many other things come flowing through your faucets.

The best shower head water filters are multi-stage systems that remove all of that nasty stuff that leaves a residue on your hair and dries up your skin. You will feel the difference that shower filters make right away and very soon, you will start to see the difference. This is where we get into the cosmetic advantages of shower head filters.

Do you ever swim in a chlorinated pool? If you do it every day in the summer (or the winter if the pool is indoors) your hair will become very dry and brittle. The color will change, either becoming later or changing entirely if you have color-treated hair.

Without shower water filters, you are doing the same thing to your hair everyday. Ever wonder why you have to use more and more conditioner, just to make your hair manageable? It's the chlorine. Sometimes, the chlorine content in our tap-water is higher than what is considered safe to swim in and that's according to our official water-quality report.

With shower head water filters, you will begin to notice that your hair is softer, without using so much conditioner. The best shower filters use activated carbon derived from coconut shells, so it's completely safe and natural. Cosmetologists and hair dressers recommend shower head filters, particularly for their customers with color treated hair. Why?

Because, a chemical reaction can occur that will ruin even the best tint job. Sometimes, your hair will even look green. Try going out of the house like that. Instead, why not invest in shower water filters? You'll look better and protect your health all at the same time.

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