Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Some Information About Mixer Showers

A mixer shower draws cold and hot water from a heating system and mixes them together to achieve the desired temperature. To meet this purpose, most shower mixer valves require hot and cold water supplies to be or equal pressure. The main types and style of mixer shower are the Thermostatic bathroom mixer shower and the Manual bathroom mixer shower

While the manual mixer shower is relatively cheaper, it has one major drawback in that they do not balance pressure and temperature differences and are not ideally suited for elderly people and children. A second type of manual mixture, the pressure balanced bathroom mixer shower can balance pressure differences, but not temperature differences.

The thermostatic bathroom mixer shower is comparatively expensive, but they are worth the extra bucks that you are paying. They can balance the pressure and temperature differences automatically and are ideal for use by children, disabled and the elderly.

Most mixer valves can be used with a shower pump to make a composite power shower.

Lately, thermostatic mixer showers have been in large demand, as it cuts out the fuss and dangers of the manual mixer or any other traditional way of acquiring water of the right temperature. Life has taken an upward qualitative leap with the invention of it, as people with hectic schedules and deadlines do not have to forego a cooling and refreshing bath which can arouse the mind and body which in turn can help them achieve greater heights.

So, in a way, we can say that the invention of mixer showers have greatly increased the productivity of human beings which have in turn contributed to economic and social growth.

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