Saturday, 9 August 2008

How to Plan Your Next Bathroom Remodel

1. Do Your Homework: Gather ideas about what you want done to your bathroom. Best areas to look are the internet or Kitchen and Bath magazines. Consult a design professional if you are completely stuck on this one.

2. Home Improvement Contractors: Again, do your homework. Ask friends and family for referrals of home improvement contractors they have used in the past. It's worth the time spent finding a reliable contractor because than your project will stay on time and most importantly on budget. When ready, set up a payment schedule with your contractors this way everything is spelled out from the beginning. You are much better off dealing with professionals who will get it done right the first time. Your home improvement contractor can assist in picking out your fixtures and finishes also.

3. Plumbers/Electricians: Ask your home improvement contractor for more information. It's best to use who they deal with most often because your project tends to run a lot smoother.

4. Be creative: Now that you have your small team in place, it's time to get all your finishes in order. Possibilities are endless and this is where tip # 1 comes into play. All that homework you have completed should make this process a whole lot easier. Tiles, fixtures, mirrors, lighting, towel bars, paint etc. should all be on your checklist of items to pick out. Priority should be put on main fixtures such as toilet, sink, and tub/shower because this is what is most needed by your contractor in order to keep the project moving. Remember these items (especially tiles) may take up to a couple of weeks to order, so schedule accordingly with your home improvement contractor.

5. Check in with your contractor: Ask your contractor how the project is progressing and if they need anything (i.e. materials, lighting fixtures). If tip #2 was fulfilled, everything should be in order. Put your trust in the professionals you hired to get it completed.

6. Walk through: While your home improvement contractor is at his final stages. Have them go over the project with you and make sure everything is the way it was as discussed.

7. Most Importantly, Enjoy your new bathroom!!

These are just a few helpful tips to use while thinking of a bath remodel. It seems simple because it is. This process does not have to be overwhelming. With a solid team in place and all finishes/fixtures decided on, there is no reason your project should not be completed in a timely manner.

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