Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Truth About Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathroom designs are not a veritable mosaic of fabulous finishes and tantalizing textures. Nor are they about invitingly comfortable bathtubs, well-contoured, awe-inspiring fixtures, fine lines and beautiful curves. One can only describe them as a captivating experience, regardless of the owner.

Every design establishes a dialogue with you instantly. Defined by unparalleled luxury and class, they can be adapted to suit your innate sense of style. No wonder, it?s considered churlish not to succumb to their bewitching charm.

Sleek. Sophisticated. Sensational

Hi quality, contemporary bathroom designs bring together traditional and modern elements on one platform. Its only here that sleek and stylish fittings and accessories flirt promiscuously with functional and beautiful tubs and showers. Needless to say, this love affair lasts a lifetime, sending your senses into a tizzy every time you set foot inside the bathroom.

These designs are your only succor when you are trying to create a bathroom that?s as sensational and sophisticated as it is sensible.

Strike The Right Notes

Designing a bathroom, however, is not something that can be considered flippantly. Here?s what you need to consider so that you never hit a false note:

  • Style with substance: Fashion and function need not always be the Cane and Able of bathroom design. It?s perfectly possible to have sinks, Jacuzzis and tubs that strike the right balance between elegance and efficiency.
  • Reflection of your personality: Since the bathroom is an extremely personal space, it must reflect your signature style and class. From the vanity to the tiles on the floor, make sure your personal stamp all over the place.
  • Groundbreaking innovations: Apart from aesthetic appeal, the bathroom must score on the safety calculus as well. There is a dizzying array of non-skid materials making inroads into bathrooms. Similarly, tile counters and porcelain sinks are making way for stunning new creations like marble counters, glass tiles and stone sinks.

So what rules the roost in your bathroom- evolution or revolution

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