Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bathroom Accessories - Aesthetic And Grand, Light Up The Room

If we were to travel, and are staying in a plush hotel, the first thing that we check is how clean and well done up the bathrooms are. This is because a beautifully designed bathroom is a haven that we love to relax and indulge ourselves in. This holds true for the rest of the house as well, but more so in this room as this is where we spend plenty of time pamper ourselves and use to dress up before work or a party. The right kind of bathroom accessories can do wonders to a bathroom; change it from being just a room to shower transforming it in to luxurious spa. There are some people who live in small apartments but have a beautiful bathroom, and this is because they have paid attention while choosing the accessories and other fittings for the room.

A personal retreat is what the bathroom is, and so everything from the bath mats to towel stand needs to be elegant. With pleasant looking floral paintings, you can make the room more comfortable and soothing. If the lady of the house enjoys a hot soak in the tub, they can install a crafted bathtub in the bathroom, or maybe a shower enclosure can be put in place. Apart from this, one fitting that every bathroom must have is the exhaust fans and the disinfectants that will help keep the germs away from the room.

The bathroom mirror, tooth brush stand need to be simple yet classy and must be placed in the right height else will become cumbersome to use. There could be small shelves put in place to hold your lotions, and perfume bottles. These could be hidden away behind mirror doors or with glass doors, depending on your preferences. In the shower, the bathroom accessories required are shampoo, soap trays, and towel racks. The shower curtain needs to blend in with the rest of the room.

One important point to keep in mind is that the bathroom accessories used should not be cluttered around the room. The room must be spacious and have plenty of space to move around else the person using it will feel suffocated. The tissue holder is another fitting that must be simple and neat looking, and placed in the right position. The right kind of accessories can give the room a lovely relaxing spa like feel to it.

By: JD Theis..

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