Friday, 26 September 2008

Choosing a Towel Warmer for your Bathroom

Heated towel rails are the modern equivalent of creating a focal point in a bathroom. They are both practical and stylish, offering a place to store and warm your towels, as well as creating a design feature for your bathroom. Designs derive from sleek polished chrome with sweeping curves, sharp geometric lines or three dimensional models and blend together creativity with exceptional design.
Towel warmers, or radiators, are available in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom styling. Gone are the days where a towel warmer is a standard, boring necessity in your bathroom, and here are a range of modish radiators which will add an element of class to your bathroom. Due to the increased surface area a heated towel rail creates over a conventional radiator, they are also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Hudson Reed are the leading manufacturer of brassware and have a huge range of high quality items, ensuring that your bathroom products are a real investment for the future and built to last. Plus, there is no reason why if you move house you cannot take your beautiful towel warmers with you, to form a chic addition to your new bathroom. Their broad selection of contemporary heated towel rails unites style and striking modern designs to complement your individual flare and make a unique statement about your bathroom d?r.

The selection of designer towel warmers from Hudson Reed are the epitome of modern elegance. They have innovative styling that creates a statement in its own right, whilst retaining efficiency and functionality. Their designer towel rails come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every taste and preference, and will turn your bathroom in to a luxuriously warm environment. Models include tube on tube, circular, grid and flat construction. To fit your designer Hudson Reed towel rail, their minimalist radiator valves offer a discreet solution and are supplied in pairs.

At the other end of the scale, Hudson Reed Traditional Towel Warmers are full of the ambience of yesteryear. Their fabrication will highlight and be sympathetic to other traditional features in your bathroom, creating a habitual haven with undertones of contemporary features. Most towel warmers in their range are available in either chrome or gold, allowing you to match them to other brassware in your bathroom. To fit your traditionally-styled radiator, Hudson Reed have traditional radiator valves, supplied in pairs to tie in with the design elements of the heated rail.

Bathroom radiators’ power is measured in BTU. BTU is the standard means of measuring output powers in a heated towel rail, and stands for British Thermal Units. Radiators are also shown in watts, the conversion of one to another equates to 1 BTU measuring 3.412 watts. For more information on the best BTU for your bathroom, consider the size of the room to heat, a smaller room will require a smaller BTU, or consult your plumber for advice.

When updating the heated towel rail in your bathroom, it is important to replace the valves also, and ensure that they match the design, colour and fitting of your new radiator. Valves, like taps, are available with different designs of handles, which can be chosen to mimic the design of your taps and shower handles. They are also available in either a straight or angled fitting, which will dependant on the style of radiator that you choose. Also, radiator valves are available in wither a traditional on/off mechanism, or a thermostatic one, which allows you to choose the level of heat emitting from them, and can be altered in accordance with your central heating system and seasonal changes.

Heated towel rails can also create a means of securing other radiators in your house from thermostatic inefficiencies and costly surges. If you choose a radiator without a thermostatic valve, if the heating system malfunctions, this can create a means of venting any excess heat created by your boiler, thus preventing other radiators in your house from malfunctioning and generating expensive bills.

A towel warmer or radiator should always be ideally fitted on the coldest wall of your bathroom, often the one with the window on. This will depend on other existing fixtures in your bathroom, but a window or external wall is optimum. By fitting to the coldest wall you will increase the efficiency of the radiator, as heat will emanate equally throughout the room.

When you have chosen your beautiful addition to your bathroom with a new towel warmer, you will desire for it to retain its original appearance. To care for the outer surface of your new radiator, never use any corrosive or hazardous products, such as aerosols on the surface or in close proximity of the radiator. The radiator should only be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. This will ensure the longevity of your bathroom radiator.

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