Monday, 8 September 2008

Shower Head Water Filters Compared

I wanted to give you some advice about shower head water filters. I compared the five best-selling shower head filters on the market and here's what I found.

Two of the water filters for shower heads, Shower-wise and Paragon, only reduce chlorine by 50%. Yet, the cost of use is higher than that of one brand that does more. But, the biggest problem is that shower head water filters need to remove more than just chlorine.

You see, anytime that water is chlorinated, dangerous toxins called THMs are released. These toxins become airborne in the bathroom. We inhale them and absorb them through our skin. In addition, there are other dangerous contaminants that also become airborne. They are referred to as volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

Only three of the five shower head filters remove VOCs and THMs. So, I narrowed my comparison to include only those three. I started with the most expensive one.

Wellness Enterprises makes water filters for shower heads, as well as for drinking water and the whole house. Their shower head water filters currently cost $249.00. They make only one model and no wand is included, so you cannot easily use it for filling the tub.

Wellness shower head filters are more expensive than the others primarily because of the health claims that they make about their products. Their water filters for shower heads are supposed to support the body's ability to resist bacteria and fungus. In addition, the waters from their shower head filters are supposed to have antioxidant activity, which would be great, if not impossible.

There is no scientific evidence to support any of their claims. I have searched and searched.

While there is reliable research and data indicating that inhalation of THMs and VOCs is hazardous to our health and may even cause cancer, there is nothing that I can find supporting the claims made by Wellness.

The next water filters for shower heads that I want to mention are Jonathan Beauty. I have a lot of respect for the hairdresser whose name is behind these shower head water filters. Before he found another answer, he would recommend that clients shampoo with bottled water, especially before a photo shoot or other important assignment.

My only problem with Jonathan's water filters for shower heads is that we don't have to pay quite that much. $95 is reasonable enough, but we can get shower head filters that do the same thing for $67.99.

The estimated cost per month is $9.25. That's not bad, but we can get water filters for shower heads that, again, do the same thing and pay only $7 per month. My question is why pay more when you don't have to.

This is a situation similar to many others. Jonathan does not himself make his products. Someone else does.

Whenever you can buy anything direct from the manufacturer, you save money. The same is true for shower head water filters. Hopefully, that will help you make the best choice.

Julie Perry graduated with a Diploma in Applied Science and is a fully qualified Naturopath. On her web site - you will find out a practical and simple way to always have fresh, healthy water throughout your home. Learn what to look for in choosing shower head water filters.

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