Sunday, 7 September 2008

How Chlorine Shower Filters Combat Deadly Chemicals

One of the things that you may want to do in the near future is to take a look at chlorine shower filters. Even people who already own countertop units sometimes don't think about the chemical content of their bathroom water.

Chlorine filters for shower heads are a good idea, and I'll tell you why.

You always hear people say that they are concerned about the quality of the drinking water, that's what started the countertop filter and bottled water craze.

Chlorine shower filters are necessary for the same reasons that scared people into making the drinking water switch, which is fear of consuming deadly chemicals.

Make no mistake; you are consuming those chemicals in the shower, but just in a different way. With every breath that you draw when not using chlorine filters for shower heads, you are taking the product into your body.

Your also taking it in much larger doses than you would imagine.

You absorb both chlorine and its derivative chloroform gas into your system at a rate that is 600% higher than you could get it in other forms. Chlorine is filling your lungs, and absorbing through your pores by way of the steam that is present.

Chlorine shower filters could prevent you from having to take in this deadly chemical. The reason that I stress how dangerous that the chemical and it's by product THMs are is because they have already proven to be a major contributor to the growing cancer rate.

THMs are the derivative that takes their natural form as chloroform, and THMs have been found present in breast tumor biopsies. I cannot stress enough how important chlorine filters for shower heads are.

Your family needs to be protected from these deadly toxins, and chlorine shower filters are the way to do it. They are not all the same though, as only a handful on the market are designed to block out THMs. So you need to be absolutely sure that the product that you choose was engineered to give you full protection.

The top model chlorine filters for shower heads will also block lead and copper. These heavy metals erode over time, and traces of the elements are garnered from the very pipes that carry the water to and into our homes.

They then end up in our drinking and shower water.

You will gain something more than just security from the threat of harmful contaminants. You will also begin to look better. If you're not Brad or Angelina now, chlorine shower filters are not going to change that. They will however make an amazing difference in the way that your hair and skin look and feel.

After just a couple of weeks using chlorine filters for shower heads you will begin to notice that your skin is much smoother and less flaky.

You will also notice that you have developed softer, more lustrous hair. The benefits of owning and using chlorine shower filters will change every aspect of your life.

Julie Perry graduated with a Diploma in Applied Science and is a fully qualified Naturopath. On her web site - you will find out a practical and simple way to always have fresh, healthy water throughout your home. Learn what to look for when choosing chlorine shower filters.

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