Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Elegance For the Bathroom - Choosing Soap Dispensers

People have been searching for years to find a way to have soap conveniently placed in their bathrooms and showers. They have tried everything from metal shower racks to soap-on-a-rope to simply sitting the soaps and cleansing products around the edge of the shower or sink. Now, there are new attractive soap dispensers that solve the problem of convenience and appearance at the same time.

Aviva makes a soap and shampoo dispenser with three separate bottles. The colors of the hair and body cleansing products glow through the translucent 10 ounce containers. The exterior working parts are chrome or white plastic. These include the push button shampoo and soap dispensers, as well as the bottoms and lids. They can be used in the shower, the tub, or at a sink. Aviva also makes a corner shampoo dispenser that saves space in the shower.

The Signature group of soap dispensers features satin nickel as their accent trim and visible moving parts. Their pumps deliver the correct amount of shampoo, lotion, soap, or conditioner each time you depress the button. They even have special storage hooks where you can hang razors and other important items. They have beautiful ribbed glass for a sophisticated appearance. They come in single or triple container soap dispensers.

If you need somewhere to put soap for a vanity sink, a touchless soap dispenser might be just the right thing for you. Touchless soap dispensers use infrared technology to release a set amount of soap when you put your hands under the sensor. You initially choose the amount of soap that will come out by setting the pushbutton selector. A touchless soap dispenser stays cleaner and much more sanitary than one which people are constantly putting their unwashed hands on.

To add elegance and convenience in your bathroom, look for a distinctive set of soap dispensers. Shampoo dispensers are not only handy; they can also be quite colorful when different shampoos are used. Of course, the height of luxury and refinement is the touchless soap dispensers. Any one of these different types of soap dispensers will be a great addition to your bathroom.

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