Thursday, 11 September 2008

Bathroom Wall Tiles With Numerous Styles And Shapes

The tiles which are used in bathroom are considered to be bathroom wall tiles. These ceramic tiles have a property of shedding the water very quickly from the surface and this property of bathroom tiles is due to the shine and glaze that are adore to the tiles with the finishing of alkaline. These bathroom wall tiles are put up to the height of 6- 8 feet’s, so that the water doesn't get absorbed by the wall of the bathroom. Bathroom tiles also helps in preventing the walls get moist from water. As a result these ceramic tiles increase the life of the building. Since, in these modern days bathroom is not only considered a place to relax but also considered to be one of the places, where we spent our time most!

The concept of bathroom being used only as a bathroom has vanished. Nowadays these bathrooms are used as a relaxing joint, where a person can relax in bathtub having a look to bathroom wall tiles which gives a soothing feeling. The bathroom wall tiles increase the space that seems to be smaller. Nowadays, there are different styles of bathroom wall tiles such as a smoker zone having a bathroom wall tiles indicating "smoking is injurious to health" whereas a handicapped bathroom indicating be careful "only for handicapped”. These bathroom wall tiles give an excellent finishing to the bathrooms, as these ceramic tiles are integral part of the finishing of the rooms. These tiles are also used in finishing of other rooms such as for walls, kitchen, floor etc. Kitchen wall tiles are oil proof ceramics. However, floor tiles are somewhat different as these ceramic tiles have griping so as not to slip over the floor.

The bathroom wall tiles come in different shapes and sizes according to the demand of clients. These bathrooms are very classic and elegant when it comes in the form of hotel rooms. The hotel room is mainly judge by its bathroom, wall, tiles, kitchen, floor and ceramics. A presidential suit may have a bathroom area of 80 square feet with all the latest gadgets fitted to it. This bathroom wall tiles are heat resistant and fire proof. They can withstand a temperature of 160 degree Celsius.

Some bathroom wall tiles are as light as asbestos and as heavy as cast iron. There are numerous designs which are crafted on the bathroom wall tiles to give a real fantasy look. The bathroom wall tiles of a kid may have different cartoon pictures painted on them.

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