Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How to Stand Up Your Towel

Towel stands are a quick and easy way to provide your bathroom with some extra storage space. And can be particularly advantageous in homes where you are unable to permanently attach hooks or racks to the wall, such as in a rented accommodation.

Towel stands come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, so you are bound to find something that you like. The most basic models will include one or two horizontally mounted bars attached to a metal frame.

These are great for hanging up your towels quickly, and because the stand is not attached to anything, it can easily be moved within the bathroom or outside the bathroom if it is getting in the way. When the weather is nice, these stands can even be used to provide extra drying space for your clothes outside.

Shelve Mounted Towel Stands

Other designs of towel stands can include more bars to hang your clothes or towels on, in addition to shelves mounted at the bottom of the unit. These shelves can be used to store various bathroom accessories, or folded up towels.

Shelve towel stands, as they are sometimes called, tend to be less portable than traditional stands as they are larger and therefore physically take up more space. However some models will come with wheels, so if the need arises, they can easily be moved to a new location. Although generally, shelve towel stands tend to be placed in one location and left there.

Heated Towel Stands

If you are willing to spend a bit more money then you can go for a top of the range heated towel stand. These tend to be more expensive than regular stands, however they do provide a lot more functional.

Apart from storing your towels, heated stands serve two additional roles. They can heat your towels so that they are warm when you use them on a cold morning, and they can also quickly dry your towels, thereby ensuring they are always dry when you use them.

Heated towel stands come in two varieties. The first are portable stands that require a power source for them to function, which may pose difficulties for some people if they do not have a power socket in their bathroom.

The second type are wall mounted heated towel stands, and are permanently attached to the wall and heated via the home central heating. In this case, these stands will also act as a radiator and heat the room.

Overall, whatever option you choose towel stands are an excellent alternative to hooks and racks, and can provide you with a quick and easy form of extra storage space.

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