Monday, 13 October 2008

Bathroom Wall Papers- A Great Option To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover

Bathroom wallpapers are a very simple yet complete way to give your bathroom an absolutely new makeover. Bathroom wallpapers are easy to fix and also easy to remove. These wallpapers come in wide ranges with attractive prints and catchy colors which could brighten any bathroom. Bathroom wall papers have a strange and pleasant effect on your eyes. They always have an appealing look in the place of a dull and lifeless canvas. Bathroom wallpapers would be an excellent choice for the one who prefers to redesign the bathroom at a relatively low cost. Bathroom wall papers are much easier to change. But there are several factors to be considered before making a choice of the wallpaper.

Before buying wallpapers it is always necessary to measure the dimensions of the wall where it has to be pasted. Any cracks and holes in the wall should be repaired before the wallpaper is hung. It would be better to consider the sanding of wall before pasting the wallpaper. The best choice would be washable wallpaper. Washable wallpaper would be a preferable choice as it would help one to remove minor dirt and stains on the paper. Bathroom wallpapers are vinyl coated so they are mostly damp resistant.

Some of the factors that have to be taken care before sticking a bathroom wall paper are as follows. It is necessary to remove the existing wallpaper before fixing a new one. It could be removed by wetting the wallpaper and then gently scrapping it. If the existing paper cannot be removed then it is always better to use a sealer before fixing the new paper. It is also necessary to have a vinyl coating before sticking the new one. Proper care should be taken to measure the dimensions of the wall where it is to be hung and the paper has to be cut accordingly. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to hire a professional wallpaper artist you can always do it by yourself. It is an easy job to do.

Bathroom wallpapers would be an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms as they do have less space for decoration. Powder rooms get a classy look with the right choice of wallpapers. The huge number of designs ranging from colored themes to terrace gardens and mirage would be a feast to the eyes in the room where one frequents. Bathroom wallpapers that resist mold and mildew would be preferable for those bathrooms which don’t have proper ventilation facilities. The wall borders along with wallpapers would be excellent for smaller bathrooms. Children’s bathrooms could be decorated with these colorful wallpapers which brighten the bathrooms.

Bathroom is a secret world where one frequents. The time you spend in your bathroom should be relaxed. Bathroom wallpapers can make your each visit relaxed and for kids it can be fun too. The best thing about bathroom wallpapers is that you can change one without too much trouble and you can do it anytime at a cost which is not heavy on your pockets.

By: Faizan Inayat Khuhro

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