Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bathroom Design Ideas For Remodeling and Designing of Your Bathroom

The bathroom design ideas, which you use for remodeling your existing bathroom or making a new one, can leave a dramatic impact upon the functionality and the appearance of your lavatory. Bathroom is that personal space frequented often in a day so this portion must be usable, comfortable, safe and appealing. It is a place that signifies your health & hygiene by assuring the cleanliness you maintain.

When it comes to the overall d├ęcor, style, fixing and fixture of your bathroom, there are certain bathroom design ideas, which are important to consider. They include:

Include a mirror

Hanging a mirror over the walls of bathroom will give the looks of windowpane being there, extend the space and will imitate light. The mirrors can make a sense of openness, making any bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Include a medicine cabinet with mirror in your bathroom in order to store toiletries, store grooming supplies or medicines.

Create sufficient bathroom storage

Having extra storage space in bathroom is bit impossible. So, utilize wall space with built in cabinets or shelves, cabinets or vanities above the commode. The corner shelves are fine bathroom design ideas choices, in case you have restricted space. Install the corners shelves for displaying shampoos, ceramics, bath oils, candles and soaps.

Utilize Wicker Baskets

Load the wicker basket with sponges, soaps, loofahs, candles, and bubble baths. In addition, you can roll up your colorful towels and put them in beautifully designed wicker baskets in the bathroom.

Cautiously pick the floor material

Apart from other accessorial units, the bathroom floor must be taken care of. It must not be too slippery lest there would be chances of tripping over an get injured. Ceramic tile, rubber flooring, linoleum and vinyl floors are excellent picks as these bathroom floor materials are safe to step on, watertight and easy to clean.

If you want to use terra cotta ceramic tile or natural stone on your bathroom floor, select the kind that comes with a non-slip finish. Be careful using the rugs, which can slide over the natural stone floor or tiled floor. Use rugs with a rubber backing or attach rubber backing strips on the rugs.

Select the lighting carefully

Bathroom design ideas and all-purpose lighting can include ceiling lights, track lighting or wall fixtures. Having adequate all-purpose light means that there is ample of brightness for someone to stride safely via the bathroom. The general light will disperse itself all over the bathroom and the near space. The general lighting, however, is not enough for the grooming functions.

On the other hand, the task light offers light to a particular area where wearing make up, shaving and other forms of grooming takes place. The task lighting must be adjustable via using controls or dimmers. It is feasible to place this kind of lighting at a specific angle in order to avoid shadows or hot spots.

Natural light can also be used in your bathroom through a window, roof skylight or a wall skylight. Having skylight, which can be opened is simply great since it lessens moisture buildup.

Besides, the bathroom design ideas also includes plan for odors and humidity in the bathroom. A nice ventilation system can be used for taking out the air and lingering moisture from the bathroom.

If you are bored from the conventional look of your bathroom, you can also add contemporary bathroom fittings and fixings to give an ultra modish touch. Redesigning your lavatory is all an affair of finding what actually fits in and what not. Great yet affordable bathroom design ideas can allow you to avail the desired look of your bathroom yet maintaining its functionality.