Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bathroom Accessories Will Improve the Look and Feel of a Bathroom

A person who is looking to spruce up his or her bathroom does not need to do so by buying new wallpaper or painting the walls. The fact is that there are a number of bathroom accessories that can be purchased that can help give a different feel to the bathroom area.

Even if a person feels as if one of these accessories will not do the job, if he or she uses a number of accessories, that means that he or she will be able to make a big difference by making a few small differences at a time.

Some of the things a person can do with accessories include:

• New lights - Lights can make such a big difference in a bathroom that it sometimes appears that something more drastic has been done. The brighter the lights in a bathroom, the better it is for most people. Not only do bright lights allow people at vanities and sinks see the mirror better, but a bright light can make a bathroom appear bigger.

If a person is trying to decorate around a theme, white fluorescent lights do not necessarily have to be used. Some people choose to use lights with blue hues in them to help give the bathroom more of an underwater feel.

• New shower curtains - A shower curtain can often be even more noticeable than wallpaper and it is certainly much cheaper. One of the things that some people choose to do is buy a certain type of shower curtains and then decorate around the style of the curtain. For example, a person who buys a shower curtain with dolphins on it can then move to other parts of the bathroom with the idea of decorating with dolphins in mind.

This means that other bathroom accessories that have dolphins on them - like toothbrush holders, mirror frames, cups and toilet seat covers - can be used in other areas of the bathroom to create a different feel in the bathroom.

• Towels - The towels hanging in a bathroom should be carefully chosen to show that they are able to mix well with the other items in the bathroom. This means that if the color burgundy has prominently been used in the bathroom area to decorate, a great way to accentuate this decoration is to buy and hang towels that are of the same color.

• Shelves and cabinets - Doing something like changing out the shelves and cabinets in a bathroom is a great way to do something fairly simple and inexpensive, but still make a somewhat significant change to the overall feel of the room. For example, if a person has had white shelves and cabinets in her bathroom for years, and then decides to install black cabinets and shelves instead, there will certainly be a different feel in the bathroom, even if only a couple of cabinets gave been replaced.

Again, doing only one of these things may not make as big of a splash as a person might want, but if a person chooses to do a few different things to change up the bathroom accessories in a home, he or she will likely see that a few small changes can equal up to one significant change.

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