Monday, 13 December 2010

Ocean Themed Bathrooms

Thinking of the ocean you will normally have a feeling that produces tranquility and peace in your mind. The water and the beauty makes you feel like relaxing and just enjoying yourself. That's why the ocean theme is such a nice way to decorate the bathroom in your home. You can get this look without spending a bunch of money too.

Changing the walls around in your bathroom is a very easy way in which to get the ocean theme into the room. Placing up an ocean themed wallpaper or just a border will bring in the ocean theme quickly. This can also be done by changing the color of the walls if you want. There are many different themes that you can use for the wallpaper or border. Shells will make you reminisce about those days at the beach and picking up shells. Finding a nice picture of a person sitting on a beach will also invoke those feelings of rest and relaxation. Or simple prints of shells or beach type themes on the wall are another way to bring in the theme nicely. Try painting using the sponge look, this will create almost a cloud type pattern that will bring about thoughts of sitting on the beach and sunning.

Adding in a nice area rug that has an ocean theme to it will also add to the room nicely. The rug will add some comfort when you step onto it not like the sand at the beach. But with a nice theme or color finding one that has either shells or a sand look to it will actually make the room draw together nicely in a lovely ocean theme. With the correct choice of an area rug you will add nice warmth and comfort to the room, and won't cost you a lot of money.

Adding accessories is a must to bring any type of theme into a redecorated room. In a bathroom you will have tons of ways that you can add more ocean themed accessories. Adding in some nice curtains or a shower curtain that has shells or some other ocean theme that makes you feels like you're at the beach.

Creativeness is a much appreciated thing when you go to add in some very nice accessories into the room. Try finding some seashells either at a store or if you live at the beach go and find your own. Make sure that you clean up the shells if you find them yourself. Gluing these shells to the walls will add a nice feel into the room. Adding your own touches during this step can create a nice and unique look to the room. Try adding those shells around the light switches, redesign things that you normally wouldn't touch when creating this look in your bathroom.

You have so many different ways that you are able to create an ocean theme that will rock your bathroom out.

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