Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How to Seamlessly Fit a Shower Screen in the Bathroom

Households with small bathroom areas can never have the luxury of using a shower stall and a bathtub separately. However, the situation can be made better by installing a shower over the bath, which will then require a shower screen over the edge of the bathtub. Homeowners can choose between a fixed and flexible screen. The first one can totally prevent water from escaping but the downside for this type is the fact that it cannot be moved. The second one, on the other hand, can be adjusted in and out of the tub's border for easier cleaning.

Installing a screen for the shower just requires a few materials and tools as well as simple bathroom plumbing skills. For this installation project, you will basically need the screen, flexible or rigid seals, a drill, wall plugs, screws, two flexible hinges, a hacksaw and a small-head Phillips screwdriver.

The work will start with the seals. You have to first place the flexible seals in a tub of hot water until they become supple, and then coax the seal gently onto the top and bottom of the screen. For the rigid seal, slide it along the upper and lower edge of the screen and use a hacksaw to trim it accordingly. If the screen has no hinges, you can clip the seals into a place that is a few inches away from the edges of the screen. Make sure to clip them from top to bottom for a secure installation.

You need to hold the screen above the side of the bath to be able to mark the position of the wall fixings. Make sure that the markings on the part of the wall that have the hinges are clear. Use a drill to bore a hole into the wall or tile, and then insert the wall plugs. While still holding the screen in place, insert the screws and use the screwdriver to tighten them. To make the job easier, start screwing from the top of the screen so that it will hang. Ensure that the screen is facing the correct direction, allowing it to be swung away from the bath.

When you buy the screen, be sure that you thoroughly skim through all the existing choices in the market before making a decision. Remember that it is not advisable to do rush shopping since this will just prove to be a waste of time and money. Keep in mind that once the screen is installed you have to go through a daunting process again to remove it. Therefore, be sure that you already have the right model before proceeding with the actual installation process.