Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bathroom Decorating Ideas When You're On A Budget

The bathroom in your home can be an oasis of peace and quiet. Considered a retreat and adult "time out" spot by moms of small children, the remodeling ideas for this room must include ways to transform the space into a tranquil place, which nothing short of an earthquake can interrupt.

Determine which decor already exists in your bathroom before making any choices to introduce another. Are pastels or vibrant colors prevalent in your present decor? Is there space surrounding the bathtub for candles around the rim and is it large enough to have a fun and restful time? Or have you been sharing sudsy space with rubber ducks and floating kiddy toys?

Request your kids to remove their toys after they are finished taking baths. Help the process along by giving a container they can used to store their toys. Now take a prolonged look at the color plan in your bathroom. The look of the room as well as your mood is strongly influenced by its colors.

Maybe picking out a new or different motif for your bathroom will make it easier to choose colors. Victorian floral suggests pastels, while a Scandinavian minimalist decor depends on stronger and starker colors. If your mind is drawing a blank, check out some magazines for some ideas.

If funds are too tight for any major redecorating, you might want to think about some painting strategies that could refresh the whole look of the bathroom. You might consider having a mural painted on the ceiling; nothing similar to the works of Michelangelo, but something nice could change the whole appearance of the room.

Cabinetry refinished with a wood veneer laminate and a new countertop can transform the whole appearance of your bathroom. Modernizing hardware can revolutionize the cabinets you have and they come in all price ranges, designs, themes and colors. You don't need lots of money to change your bathroom with new cabinet and drawer pulls. A customized bathtub liner is an excellent investment. Although there are cheaper alternatives, this is less costly than taking out and replacing an existing bathtub and will result in a lovely new look.

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