Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Vessel Sinks as the Main Bathroom Attraction

There are different ways that a sink can be installed in the bathroom. It can be self-rimmed or molded into the counter. There are also ones that come with their own pedestal and ones that are made to be on top of a console which saves a lot of space. The latest one is called a vessel sink that looks more like a basin on top of the counter.

Vessel sinks are becoming more and more popular as part of the bathroom accessories in the household because of how it dresses the bathroom up. Contrary to what other people may think, these vessel sinks would have a lot of varieties suitable to different decorating styles that a bathroom may have. The basin on top can take any shape that makes people have more creativity in the d├ęcor of their bathroom. The designs also greatly vary that there is no reason why people should worry about finding one that would go with the existing theme they have in mind. There would be vessel sinks perfect for art deco, art nouveau, Tuscan-inspired, rustic, country, primitive and even modern style. What is more important is fitting the right accessories with the type of vessel sink so that the bathroom can have a unified theme.

There are many different materials used for the vessel sinks. Because people know how much impact it has in the transformation of the bathroom space, a lot of people consider it. For those who want a cheaper alternative, there are brass vessel sinks that they can count on. A vessel sink needs to have a mounting ring to be attached to the counter. Aside from that, it is a matter of importance to choose the type of faucet to go with it. brass vessel sinks should be paired with a faucet according to its height. The faucet can be attached in the same counter or in the wall directly above the sink. Just like the vessel sink, homeowners can get creative with the faucet style.

Homeowners should ponder on the type of faucet that would go with their brass vessel sinks especially that it would be quite inconvenient to pair it with something that does not go with it. Not choosing the right kind would result to not being able to maximize the entirety of the sink. There is also the problem of regularly sprinkling water on the other parts of the faucet and the counter. If these areas are always wet, it would result to early decay of the wood or developing waterspot stains in the counter, the wall and the faucet itself.

The size of brass vessel sinks would be dependent on the size of the counter where it would be placed. The size of the counter on the other hand is also dependent on the size of the bathroom. round vessel sinks would take up more space than the others so those who are planning to save some space should stick with other shapes for their vessel sinks.

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