Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bathroom Vanity Stools - Matchmaking 101

Finding the perfect bathroom stools can be as easy as choosing the first one you see but there are a few small obstacles. We'll look at choosing the right stool, what goes into it and how to make sure you do not have to return the choice you make.

Adding a new stool might not seem like much of a bathroom renovation project, but this can be the small piece that completes the overall affect you are looking for and the final piece in the puzzle.

Bathroom vanity stools come in many different shapes and sizes and it's those shapes and sizes that can be the reason for retuning the one you bought. Let's start with measuring the space you have. Many people make a choice without considering the size they need. One great question to ask your self is will I need to move the stool close to the vanity, for example to put on makeup?

If the answer is yes, then it is important to choose a model that will allow you to go get close enough to see in the mirror, reach things on the vanity etc. The second question is, will you be storing the stool underneath the opening in the vanity or will you be keeping it outside the opening? As you can imagine, if you do not have much space it will be important that the stool you choose can slide underneath the vanity for storage.

Now let's move on to fabric. If you are looking at bathroom vanity stools that have a fabric cover this can add a little bit of a challenge to make sure it matches with the rest of the bathroom. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

If you are lucky enough to have the same fabric that the wallpaper is made from then you can recover the stool you are buying for a perfect match. More than likely you will not be this fortunate so try and choose a color that appears in the wallpaper or shower curtain, preferably a solid and use that color to cover your stool. It can make for a great look.

I also suggest looking at what others have done as well. You can find examples at friends' homes, in model homes and also in magazines. It never hurts to borrow ideas from the professionals when you are trying to get the perfect look . . .