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Sliding Shower Doors: Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Design

The current trend towards minimalist bathrooms has led to sliding shower door products growing increasingly popular. Contemporary bathroom design with a minimalist look offers a sanctuary away from the outside world. The bathroom is now a haven behind your sliding shower doors.

Yet in reality, the concept of bathroom design is a relatively new one, since only a few decades ago bathrooms were seen as functional rooms, but now they are increasingly seen as somewhere that people can relax in and wash away their troubles and stresses. stock a wide variety of bathroom suites and accessories, including all different types of shower doors, sliding shower doors included.

Many people are wary of becoming too entrenched in the whole minimalist design, in case it starts to look dated in a few years time, necessitating a change of bathroom furniture such as sliding shower doors. But this is the joy of a sliding shower door; they effortlessly transform a shower room into a minimalist haven, but due to the fact that sliding shower doors are classic in design and available with different finishes, e. g. gold or chrome etc, all available at, they are timeless. Sliding shower doors create a look that is sleek, angular and then your shower doors create the perfect finish to a modern and sophisticated bathroom.

Advantages of a Sliding Shower Door

A sliding shower door has to be fitted in a shower area that is slightly larger than many showers. This is due to sliding shower doors needing a wall to slide against. However, if you have the size available, then you will be able to fit sliding shower doors with no problems.

The beauty of the sliding shower door is that it slides against a shower wall, meaning that you don’t open the shower doors out into the bathroom. This means that floor space is maximised and more floor area can be given over to the shower as opposed to creating an opening area for outward opening shower doors.

Another major advantage of a sliding shower door, is that they contain more steam than one of the semi open shower doors, thereby reducing condensation within the bathroom.

The fact that the sliding shower doors also encapsulates the shower to a greater degree also means that if you are in the shower you feel completely alone, so you can switch on a shower radio and just forget about the rest of the world. The fact that it is encapsulated also enables someone else to pop into the bathroom and apply make up etc without causing a disturbance

So besides the fact that a sliding shower door adds grace, elegance and a really contemporary feel to any bathroom, there are also practical reasons for choosing these shower doors over a more traditional style of door, which is why is so glad to see that more and more people are choosing a sliding shower door. But once you have tried a sliding shower door you will probably find that you don’t ever want to go back to other shower doors or even the semi-enclosed showers that are increasingly becoming more and more old fashioned.

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