Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bathrooms Get Them Ready For Selling Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home one of many ways to make it more desirable is to make sure you have a clean and fresh bathroom. Nothing puts a, would be buyer off a purchase than coming across a dirty or stained bathroom. When we think of bathrooms we think of cleanliness so bare this in mind when people are viewing your home.

You can spend as much or as little on your bathroom to make it more desirable a lick of paint and a good scrub maybe all you need to give it a lift. One important thing to consider with bathrooms is the bathroom suite if the suite is in really bad condition you should replace it at a cost of £500 you could buy and install a new bathroom suite. If you are prepared to undertake the job of fitting it yourself you could do it for £250.

Remember when buying a new suite to choose neutral colours as these will give a nice clean feel and finish to all bathrooms. Don't be tempted into coloured suites as these are very personal choice and will not suite everyone the best option when looking to sell is to stick with white.

If you have a small bathroom a great tip is to cover one of the walls with mirrors this will give the impression of a much larger and airy feel to bathrooms.

Make sure you pack away all your toiletries so as they don't clutter up the bathroom, have some scented candles or flowers at the ready to help create a relax feel to your bathroom. Remember people think of relaxation when they think of bathrooms you need to help create that theme a good investment would be some nice deep coloured towels to hang on the radiator.