Friday, 26 June 2009

Bathroom Taps, The New Designer Accessory

Bathroom Taps are a necessity for every bathroom and with the choice now available to consumers they no longer have to be a dull purchase. Previously, taps were taps and the focus was on the vitreous china that you bought with the brand name being the major selling point, though in the current economic climate this appears to have been reversed. Consumers are now seeing taps as a fashionable addition to their bathroom and as such are spending more focus and money on these than that of their sanitary ware, simply because the brand name of your toilet and bath is no longer seen as the most important element of you buying a new bathroom. This is very apparent with the influx of own branded' products which are cheaper than proprietary brands and in most cases, look exactly the same, by mirroring designs. Whether you are surfing the internet or wandering around a showroom you will come up against this issue of whether to go branded or unbranded as the two will be sat side by side and typically, the major difference between the two will be that of the price. This of course is not always the case with some consumers remaining true to their branded products and seeing a branded name as one of distinction and giving them piece of mind.

The focus on taps is not only due to the shifts in fashion but in focusing on the quality, as whilst a bath is just an item that you fill with water (though understandably the materials used and thickness of the base do differ depending on model and influence overall quality), the tap has a number of moving parts and there is nothing worse than a dripping tap when it all goes wrong. Consumers are now spending that little bit more money for not only a fashionable item but a product that they can rely on for the life of their bathroom.

Taps used to be very simple in terms of their style and tended to come as a set of pillar taps with varying styles of handles and never being particularly flattering, though the 80's avocado green and peach bathroom suites didn't help this cause. Today there is a wide range of styles from the humble pillar tap to the mixer tap and even the bath shower mixer tap and with designs varying dramatically. Typically, when a manufacturer creates a bathroom suite they will create a range of taps to compliment it, from the very simple and standard to the authentic and elegant Victorian to a modern and sleek styling, enough options to keep you thinking for a long time.

Bath shower mixer taps have also entered this design phase in being encompassed into tap ranges so that the brassware on your bath and washbasin both match. The bath shower mixer tap is seen as a practical solution to a showering problem in the creation of a shower bath to alleviate congestion in the morning, whilst maintaining that critical styling.

In all, what's important in your choice of tap is in ensuring it compliments the style of your bathroom and the brassware is that finishing touch to your perfect room, something that you will be proud of and ultimately, something that is fit for purpose.

By: Michael Core-25987

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