Sunday, 10 May 2009

Shower Room Floor Mats - For Comfort and Safety

Nothing is worse than stepping out of a hot shower and standing on the cold bathroom floor. Even if we can bear the cold surface beneath our feet, we end up leaving a small puddle of water on the floor. This is very dangerous, especially if we have senior citizens or toddlers at home, who could slip on it and fall. Mopping the floor every time we take a shower is obviously not a viable solution. This is where shower mats step in.

A shower mat placed on the floor right outside the shower chamber will give us a spot where we can comfortably stand after we exit the shower. The mat will not feel too cold and will soak up most or all of the water that we carry on our feet. But these benefits are not all we need from shower mats. In order to be safe for use, we have to make sure the mats stay safe for long term usage. These are the criteria an ideal shower mat would have to fulfill:

1. Quick drying: A shower mat should not just soak up the water; it should also get dry reasonably fast so that the next person can use it. Bamboo mats are best in this regard because these dry up within 15-20 minutes on an average.

2. Absorbent: This is the prime purpose of the mat, so it should also be noted. Thankfully, most shower mats fulfill this criterion adequately, except rubber mats.

3. Fungus resistant: This is a very important criterion because it can directly affect the health of the users. A mat that dries faster will also resist fungus better. Rubber mats are most resistant, while bamboo mats follow closely. Cotton mats are not fungus resistant, and hence need to be washed frequently in hot water.

4. Comfortable to the feet: This is another point to be noted. Here, the cotton scores more any other material by a huge margin. Nothing can beat the soft comfortable feel of cotton beneath one's feet. Bamboo mats are in the second place in this case.

5. Easy on the wallet: Rubber mats are usually the cheapest, but also provide minimal comfort. Cotton mats are quite expensive. Bamboo mats can fit most people's budgets adequately, and also scores high on most other fields.

Before buying a shower mat, it would be good to consider the pros and cons above types of mats. Bamboo is the most versatile, but if comfort is the most important factor, cotton is definitely the best. It just needs to be washed regularly in order to keep it safe for use.

Shower mats are great to have around in bathrooms. Besides ensuring comfort to the feet, these can help keep the bathroom safe for use by people with reduced mobility.

I recommend Duragrid Floor mat for shower rooms. It is manufactured with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.

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