Monday, 4 May 2009

Green Updates For the Bachelor Bathroom

The Bachelor Bathroom: Green & Parsimoniously Clean

1. Dual Flush Toilets: Give your bathroom an earthy update with a modern, Macus Trade dual flush toilet. These eco-friendly toilets utilize two different flushing mechanisms so that the environment, your wallet and even female house guests are content.

2. Toilet Paper: Compliment the efforts of your dual flush toilet with some EPA compliant toilet paper. Biodegradable toilet paper does your rump, your pipes and the earth a favor.

3. Green Magazines: Nothing accessorizes your dual flush toilet and compostable toilet paper better than some eco-chic reading material. Natural Home Magazine will give you the motivation to finish up your bathroom green-over.

4. Cleaning Solution: Make your chrome shower head sparkle with multi purpose Biokleen spray. It's the perfect, non-toxic solution to all of your dingy bathroom woes. Safe to use around children and pets, this ultra-hygienic cleaner will appease even the toughest of critics

5+6 Bath Mats and Towels: Step out from under your shower and on to a soft and renewable bamboo bath mat. A luxurious bamboo towel will leave you and potential shower buddies with a renewed, dry clean.

7. Bamboo Vanity: Understate your vanity by installing an easily-renewable Bamboo furniture piece under your faucet. A cool bamboo piece lets you care for the planet as you do your look and gives her plenty of storage space.

8. Liquid Soap: Wash off with non-chemical liquid hand soap. Free of synthetics, perfumes, preservatives, it will keep your hands soft to the touch.

9. Compact Florescent Light Bulbs: Show off the newly-made over splendor of your green bathroom with energy-saving light bulbs. They last longer and shine brighter than your standard bulb.

10. Candles: If you're looking for a sexier hue, opt for beeswax candles. They last longer, they're smokeless and hypoallergenic.

dual flush toilet is the best way to start your green product pursuit.