Thursday, 28 May 2009

Have the Time of Your Life With Jacuzzi Bathtubs

If you want to have a luxurious bathing experience, you must consider Jacuzzi bathtubs. You have the option of creating your own personal spa with the touch of a button on the multi-speed motor. The strength of your massage is controlled by you. If you prefer a low speed for gentle, soothing water currents, you make that choice. Perhaps your day was completely overwhelming and a deep muscle penetration is what you need. The different models along with the varying options will provide the right bathing experience, since Jacuzzi models are not a one tub fits all. We are different, and our bodies require different things.

One of the many Jacuzzi bathtubs that offer a holiday break for your body is the Cortina whirlpool that comes with eight powerful massaging jets. The Cortina also has a contoured backrest and a circular shape that brings total relaxation and restoration to your body. The underwater lighting system features 256 color combinations that will dazzle your bathing experience. You can also appreciate to other features of this Jacuzzi model such as: multi-speed motor; digital controls; cleansing system; RapidHeat inline heater; slip resistant bottom; exclusive self-leveling base system; and, the exclusive bath control system. You will pay $6,352 for the Cortina whirlpool, choosing from black, almond, white and oyster.

The Duetta is another selection of Jacuzzi bathtubs that is designed for two. Unwind with your partner or spouse with the variety of performance options that come with this $4,000 model. The in-line heater, water level sensor (to prevent overspills), and the Wave Pulse bath control system are included to simply add to your experience. You will also enjoy the exclusive self-leveling base system, multi-speed motor and a slip resistant bottom. The lush oval whirlpool design has 12 jets in the chromatherapy model, and 16 jets in the illumatherapy model.

The Elara is one in the line of Jacuzzi bathtubs that gives you the opportunity to soak in a warm, soothing bathtub to give you an invigorating experience. You will enjoy total relaxation and become revitalized with the foot and back massage you receive in this model. Pay just $4,200 and you will get all of the standard features that come with a Jacuzzi, plus the patented adjustable Silent Air Induction system. Have the time of your life and get a clean body at the same time.