Friday, 27 February 2009

Small Bathroom Renovation With Bathroom Banjo Countertops

If your planning to renovate your small bathroom them start by installing bathroom banjo countertops.

Remodeling a bathroom can quite an undertaking. These projects need to have a great deal of consideration put into them to make sure you get the most out of a small bathroom.

A worn dated bathroom can detract from the d├ęcor throughout the rest of your home so be sure to make certain the bathroom gets the attention it deserves.

If you are going to give your bathroom an entire makeover including tub, toilet, sink, countertops, and flouring you can expect to spend around $12,000. However for a fraction of the cost you can give your bathroom quite a facelift.

You need to start by replacing your existing countertop with banjo countertops. This style of countertops will maximize your space because it goes over your toilet and there are an endless number of choices so you'll have no problem finding the perfect countertop.

Here are some other tips that will give your bathroom a facelift and make your bathroom look larger.

1. Use decorative sconces that force the light up which will illuminate your mirror and give the illusion of bigness.
2. Keep your patterns simple so that your small space doesn't become to busy.
3. Give your room some new accents to liven it up but keep it minimal so as to ensure your room doesn't become cluttered.
4. Shower curtains make a room feel bigger than glass doors.
5. Place a mirror at the end of the bath tub to make your room feel larger.
6. Use a banjo countertop to extend over the toilet and then build shelves for storage of linens and towels or add a full mirror above the counter.
7. Replace windows with glass blocks which will ensure privacy but let continuous light into the room which makes the room look larger.
8. Replace any sections of solid wall that break the room into small sections. Remove if possible making the room as open as possible.
9. Replace flooring with light colored wood flooring or tile. The light color will help make the room appear larger.
10. Any wood in the bathroom needs to be stained a light color or painted a light color.
11. Window coverings should be light fabric with a refreshing pattern.
12. Use vanity lighting to make the room appear larger.
13. Paint your walls. Light colors will make the room appear bigger but one darker feature wall can have an excellent affect.
14. Think mirrors - a wall of mirrors, a large wall mirror, a big vanity mirror. Mirrors will always make a room look larger.

The best method to attack your remodeling task is to start by setting your budget. Once you've set your budget you can decide how you want to spend your money.

Start with looking for your banjo countertops. Once you've purchased them you'll know how much budget you have left. Next your remodeling project needs to deal with the flooring and the walls. Suddenly you won't even recognize your own bathroom. Are you ready for the transformation?

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