Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Internet Bath Lift Dealers and Returns

If you have someone in your household who needs a bath lift, you're probably going to find that none of your local stores carry them. Therefore, you'll have to rely on Internet dealers in order to purchase what you need. A bath lift is considered specialty equipment, and local stores just don't stock these items. As with all Internet purchases, the biggest drawback is that you don't get a chance to physically check over the merchandise before you buy it.

When you start looking online you'll discover that there are a lot of differences between bath lifts. Each model is going to have its own mode of operation, because some of them operate by such varied methods as hand cranks, rechargeable batteries, or water pressure. Not all of them will have the same durability, size, and quality. You can only learn how well a certain model will fit in your bathroom and meet your needs by taking it home and trying it.

Most people are under the impression that there is a standard size for bathtubs; however, this is untrue. The depth of a regular bathtub can range anywhere from thirteen to sixteen inches, and the length of a tub will vary somewhere between four and five feet. Obviously, purchasing a large lift for a small tub won't work. The height of the individual using the lift will also make a difference when it comes to choosing the correct model. You might also find yourself getting a lift that is much too complicated to be installed and run easily.

No matter where you end up shopping for your bath lift, always check the store's return policy before you buy. All return policies are different and established at the discretion of the dealer. You'll find some dealers who refuse bath lift returns altogether. They may make a statement such as "The manufacturer will not accept returns on this product for sanitary reasons", or "Due to hygiene issues, any products which have been used in a bathroom are non-returnable." They may even tell you that federal law won't let them accept bath lift returns even though, in reality, there are no federal regulations about them at all.

Other dealers will allow you to return a lift as long as it hasn't been used in the water and provided you put it back in the original packaging. This policy allows you to take the unit home for a dry run before making the decision to buy. If you decide to return it, however, you will probably be charged a restocking fee.

If you order by phone, never take the salesperson's word about the company's return policy. Insist that they send you something in writing before ordering from that company.

When your lift arrives at your house, make sure that you test it out right away. As long as it works the way you want it to without water, it will work fine with the water, too, and if it works when you're wearing all of your clothes, it will also work when you take them off.

If you decide that you need to return the lift, give the dealer a call to request a return number. Put the lift back into the packaging it came in, and send it back to the company's address. If you're working with a quality business, the dealer will look over the item you've returned and issue you a quick refund. Hopefully, though, the lift you get will work so well that you'll want to keep and enjoy it for a long time to come.

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