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How to Choose the Perfect Power Shower For Your Bathroom

Choose the right power shower

Wake up to a great shower every day with our guide to the best shower for you

What is a power shower?

Power showers are mixer showers with an internal pump that increases the rate at which the water flows from the shower head.

Is a power shower suitable for my home?

A power shower can only be fitted to a gravity-fed, low-pressure system, usually found in older properties with a cold tank in the loft and a hot cylinder in the airing cupboard. Power showers aren't suitable if you have a combination boiler, or needed if you have a mains-fed, high pressure system.

What if I have a combination boiler?

As combination boilers heat mains-pressure water as soon as you turn the tap on, you should only need a standard mixer shower. If you want a stronger flow of water, an electric shower is a good option. This is connected to the mains supply and heats the water as it's needed, while an electric pump helps with the pressure- choose one with a high kilowatt rating to get a strong flow.

Are there any disadvantages to power showers?

They need high water volumes, so check how many litres per minute your shower delivers and make sure your water tank can cope - otherwise you run the risk of draining the system and creating an air lock. Your plumber will be able to assess this.

Does the integral pump make the power shower bulky?

Some can be concealed behind a wall with just a fixed shower head and the controls visible, so they can look very sleek. Exposed ones are easier to install and aren't too space hungry.


Thermostatic control:
Automatic adjustment to maintain a set temperature via the flow of the hot and cold water supplies. It will also maintain the temperature if someone turns a tap on or flushes the toilet while the shower is in use.

An option that saves water by reducing the power and using the systems natural gravity.

Easy-clean spray head:
Anti-limescale nozzles or rub-clean spray heads keep the water flow constant as they don't block up.

Choice of spray:
This gives you the option of a gentle spray for relaxation and an invigorating blast for a more stimulation shower.

Automatic shutdown:
This safety feature stops the water flow if the hot or cold supplies fail.

Height-adjustable shower-head:
Perfect if you and your partner are very different heights of if children will be using it.

Need to know
Due to the high pressure of power showers, a wet room or shower cubicle will contain the water better than a shower curtain or bath screen.

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