Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Three Ideas For Upgrading Your Bathroom on the Cheap

It's that fun holiday time of year, and there is nothing better than having our friends and family over for gatherings with way too much food and drink, good times, and checking out our house. Wait...checking out our house! Even though that's not the intention of holiday parties, we know that our family and friends are checking out our house, and there are some easy and cheap things you can do make your guest bathroom as nice as it can be for your parties and gatherings. Here are some ideas:

1. Replace the shower curtain or partition with beautiful new shower doors. You would be surprised at how much just putting a new acrylic or glass door improves the entire look of your bathroom, and by extension, your entire house! Replacing an entire shower can be costly, but if you replace just the doors, it will give you the look of a new shower at a fraction of the price. You can get a clear glass door, a sliding door, a fixed door you attach to the top of the tub, or a entirely new acrylic shower stall. I have found that doing the measurements and shopping online is the cheapest and easiest way to do this, and it's so easy to install it yourself.

2. Replace the bathroom sink and shower fixtures. It's expensive to replace those large ticket items, such as a bathroom vanity or bathtub, but you can spruce up what you have. You can replace the sink faucet and handles, and the bathtub faucet and handles to upgrade your bathroom. After you install these and make sure you caulk the area around new fixtures, make sure to give you vanity and tub a good cleaning and polish it to a shine. They will sparkle with the cleaning love, and the new fixtures will fit in with such a spotless bathroom.

3. Get some new holiday towels or linens. Towels and bathroom linens aren't something we replace all the time, and you'd be amazed at how much better your bathroom will look with just a couple new hand and bath towels. If you go with holiday towels, it makes your home that much more festive for the season, and shows that you've left no stone unturned for your holiday decorating.

I hope these thrifty but effective ideas help get you started on sprucing up that bathroom for your festivities. And upgrading your bathroom is something you can enjoy all year!

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