Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Luxury Bathroom Suite

A luxury bathroom suite is the most relaxing room in a house and describes the home owner's personal tastes. It really is an important room that should be designed with care and own personal features. A luxurious bathroom doesn't necessarily have to have a sitting whirlpool bath in the middle of a room nor does it need to have a dynamic wet room shower screen, it's the look and your own personal preference in style and taste that counts.

Creating a luxury bathroom suite isn't always the easiest home improvement job one can undertake. A different variety of colours, furniture and lighting is just some of the simple steps to take when transforming your old shabby bathroom into creating a luxury one that you feel comfortable in. Having a bathroom that is luxurious will create a mood of happiness the moment someone steps into it - you'll actually want to be in a room that you've always thought about not entering.

Making a few changes can actually make a bathroom feel warm and inviting - take for example the lighting, it's the most important source to making you feel comfortable in any living space around you and using different lighting effects can and will brighten up that dark and dingy bathroom you once thought wouldn't be possible.

Another change is quite importantly the paint job - this will dramatically change the atmosphere and mood in any room. Smaller bathrooms should really be designed with a lighter effect as this creates a bigger sense of space where as darker colours do not. However it is possible to create a luxurious bathroom that looks bigger with darker colours if you use the right lighting effects.

Furniture in a bathroom can take up a lot of space, but there are many different options to still have storage with your bathroom still giving off the bigger atmosphere. A set master piece - such as a huge sink with no pedestal is a good way to automatically give visitors the feeling of luxury as soon as they enter the room so this should definitely be taken into account.

Luxury furniture and products could range from whirlpool baths to wide mirrors that reflect the light source simultaneously. These products are preference based so your luxury bathroom can be just as luxurious without them!

Written by James Chapman, a director of Bella Bathrooms who supply Luxury Bathrooms for the UK market.

Bella Bathrooms is an online retailer formed by 2 plumbers from the North East of England. Having hands on experience of custom bathroom installation and products has enabled Bella Bathrooms Ltd to only select quality bathroom products for their online shop. They sell bathroom furniture, bathroom suites, showers and bath related products for consumers through the United Kingdom.

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